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2010-09-14 09:22 am


I´m topropose myself to make a comunity like torchwood three here in dreamwith. If you think this can be useful i like to tray please spread the word. I'm not writer but i enjoy very much your writing and i'd be honored if you let me help in this way.
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2010-09-01 07:22 pm

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Please tell me that you d'nts see this in facebook or twiter
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2009-08-07 03:06 pm


some times i feel so weakly, so empty, just detachment and loneliness, why i feel so bad, i cant control myself and i just want to cry til i fall sleep
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2009-02-21 12:34 pm


why you have to be so mean. ianto never going to recover again please tell how long gonna be my agony until happy end, please do not make beg
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2008-07-31 09:54 am
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Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

[Error: unknown template qotd]i just feel nothing but pain

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2008-07-11 04:42 pm

i love it

I love it, and i can´t wait for more, please i hope a happy end.